City of Riverside Permiting Process

City of Riverside ADU Workshop

Planning Clearance --> Plan Check --> Permit Issued --> Build --> Occupancy

Planning Clearance

Complete, sign and submit the form to A Planner will review and return this form to you completed and ready for upload into the Public Permit Portal to enable plan check once approved. Please contact the Planning Division at (951) 826-5371 with any questions.

  1. This form is required for all projects that:
  2. propose modifications to any exterior element of a building (either residential or commercial);
  3. add square footage;
  4. change use of existing space;
  5. require entitlements;
  6. propose new construction of buildings; or
  7. include facilities requiring screening and clearance.

Plan Check



    Express Solar Permit Forms for One & Two Family Dwellings

    Permit Issued

    Building permits are valid for 12 months. Time extensions are possible.


    Ongoing inspections to insure compliance with codes.


    Final sign off
    by City

    All fees paid
    After final sign off by City and all fees paid and inspections passed.