Why Build an ADU?

An ADU can provide revenue if you rent out the ADU. Some people live in their ADUs and rent out their primary home to bring in more rental income from renting out a larger space.


Building an ADU will help combat the homelessness crisis. There is a critical shortage of housing available and you can help by providing a home. 


Building an ADU will make Multi-Generational Housing possible for many. Some people build ADUs to house their loved ones. Your family will be closer and be able to care for each other more readily. 


An ADU would serve as an excellent retirement home and would add to your retirement income. Aging homeowners can build an ADU for themselves and rent the larger home to a family member or just for more income. (The origin of the term “granny flat”). 


There is the traditional use of an ADU as a guest house. Having a guest house means your friends and family can come visit more often. This is also popular for people who house traveling nurses or caretakers that need to be near the home but still desire their own independence.


An ADU will boost your property value. Building an ADU will boost your property value. Many people will rent out their ADU to pay off the building loan and then sell the home with the added value.


We think it is worth it and hope that you do too. Are you ready to take the next step?